After finishing college and hearing about all the opportunities in school I missed out on I decided to make this page to help others do better and ultimately graduate with a higher GPA.  Most of this is unconventional knowledge that you have to jump through hoops to figure out, and had I realized some of this stuff sooner, I would have graduated with a higher gpa.

This site is basically a collection of the tips that I’ve learned about from other students during my time as a student.  Things may be different at every university, so it may take a little digging on some of the concepts.  But, mostly it’s all the same.

I hope everyone does well, and if you find one or two tips here that make a difference for you then I think it’s worth the time it took me to put together.  Feel free to take advantage of the mailing list, I’ll be doing some research on good scholarships for undergrads that maybe a more general audience has a chance to get.  So it’s a good way to let me do the work for you.

Thanks guys, feel free to contact me with any questions.