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Competitive exams preparation classes like SAT Tutoring, GMAT Tutoring, GRE tutoring, SAT Tutoring are offered by online tutoring institutes. Student community should utilize the technology to strengthen their knowledge and use these technology advancements for the society welfare, personal growth. E-learning is a boon for the entire world, which is based on statistics.

Statistics is a science which uses the numerical data relating with a particular group of individuals for the experiments. Basically, it deals with the collection of data and its interpretation, analysis and before that it makes a plan in advance which tells how to collect the relevant data with the help of surveys and experiments. Statistics is a very critical subject, and it needs thorough knowledge of its basic concepts to use it effectively in the process of decision making.

Statistics is an art, when it refers to the quantities like mean and median while calculating the data. While working on statistics it deals with time series, mean median & mode, probabilities, decision tree, standard deviation. Along with this, it also describes the frequency distribution, correlation coefficient , various concepts of regression analysis, various methods of collecting data like cluster analysis, ratios etc. The subject is also important in concern to the integration of the managerial functions regarding financial aspects, human resource aspects, market and strategic aspects, production and operations aspects, organizational structure and behavior, etc. With the help of statistics, all these analysis can be done easily in the organization. Statistics is a subject which rarely gives accurate answers like yes or no for the questions asked.