Step 1 – Log into your Facebook account, you must be logged in for it to work.

Step 2 – Quickly create a yahoo email account.  It takes a few minutes just use some bs info it’s not important you just need the account features.

Step 6 – Okay so first, uncheck the select all box.  Then go through and select the people who have both names and email addresses.  These are the people who actually already HAVE LinkedIn, so you do send invitations to all the people’s emails from your Facebook, just invitations to people who are already on the site.


That’s about it, so make sure you continue to build your connections as you go along, it’s really easy to find more connections when you add a new connection and they accept, you can go through their list of connections.  Chances are y’all probably know some of the same people.  Once you get a list of about 50-75 together, then you’ll start seeing people you know all the time popup under just the normal connection search.

I promise, that when you get into the business world LinkedIn is a very commonly used system.  It really actually looks bad if you’re not on it too, because then when people search for you they see that you don’t understand the importance of it, and it’s such a good method to keep in contact with all of your old coworkers and such, that it’s common sense to have one.

Hope you guys do well and everybody gets jobs.  Keep reading my articles and I’ll teach you all the tricks.