A great college study tip is first pick up a nice large business calendar with lots of room to write. Next, log on to your school web site, and write in all of the important academic dates. Vacation time, the last date to drop a class, etc… This way you don’t miss any important dates throughout the semester, and you’ll always know when your vacation time is coming.

So you’re going to put all of your notes into your cell phone under the Notes app. or even better send yourself emails. Then when you get home you transfer all the notes from the app to your calendar. This will help you prepare in advance when you have a lot of things coming due at the same time. It helps to actually write the dates down, and then to see them hanging behind your computer monitor or something.

Old Exam Search

You have to register an account to login, and after your register you have to upload a certain amount of “notes” in order to unlock the site. The trick is, it doesn’t double check what you’ve uploaded as notes. So feel free to simply upload a few powerpoint presentations that you can easily find on one of your class sites. Anything really. Just unlock Noteswap, and see what’s available for your professor. If you go to a large state school, I guarantee you will find old tests.

Koofer also stores old tests. And the best way is to check google. You’ll need at least one test for this. Look for some key terms on the test that make it unique, for example “Fall 2016 HUEC 2321 Midterm” Just type in HUEC 2321 Midterm, and see if they have anything, just make sure you format the words the same, and pick words that would be used on every exam. Next, try typing in some of the problems. Exactly as they are written on the test. I did this while in school, just about every single teacher pulls problems from their exams from another professors exams or an old old book that no one has. Just do a couple searches of like one sentence exactly how it’s written of the problem and you’ll probably find where he’s getting problems from.


Check this site for your classes. It’s used to create notecards and practice quiz’s. It’s actually really convenient because it links with your phone app so whenever you have spare time you can flip through the flashcards. This is great for something like a Biology Class or Psychology, where you have tons of terms to learn. Chances are someone will have already made study materials for your class on their though, so check it out. It’s also got a whole system built into it to make you learn the cards you get wrong, and then it sets up a quiz for you. It’s much better than just writing everything out on normal flashcards.